Kitty Duterte gives a major burn to a netizen who accused her of using the people’s tax: “May trabaho ang mama ko!”

Presidential daughter Veronica “Kitty” Duterte became straightforward on her answer against an anonymous netizen who gave advice to her not to waste the “tax” of the people by using it in their travels abroad.

The anonymous netizen asked Veronica Duterte on Twitter via curious cat, a website used by netizens to became anonymous while interacting with social media personalities like Kitty.

“Wag nyo ubusin yung tax namin palagi kayung nag travel gamit sa pera namin,” the netizen told Kitty.

The question of the netizen offended Kitty, so she quickly released her inner Duterte to gave a major burn to the one who accused her of using the government’s money to fund her travel.

She told the anonymous curioscat user that her mother, Honeylet Avacena has her own job and money to fund their travels.

“Wag nyo ubusin oras namin kasi may trabaho mama ko.” Kitty replies.

As President Duterte’s claim, her common-law-wife Honeylet Avacena is a successful businesswoman in Davao City.

Kitty Duterte’s response to her basher.

As of writing, the reply of Kitty gathered 11,000 likes and 918 retweets on Twitter.

She was also cheered by her fans.

“Boss wasak, tumawag kayo ng bumbero. Wag na pala abo na to.” Netizen @peggs1 said.


These are the other response of her fans:

Last year, Kitty Duterte also captured the attention of the netizens after she dissed one of her basher on Instagram who also accused her of using the government’s money to fund her travels.

“The president had important business there. he was working and we went with him. nagtatrabaho at may sweldo sya. kapal mo. @lesliesocal” Duterte said.

She even used the middle finger emoticon to her basher

Some criticized her and told her act accordingly to her age, but in one of her tweets, she said that she already knows what she’s doing.

““I’m aware, I just don’t care”, Kitty wrote as response.” Kitty said.

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