Agot Isidro describes the current PH situation is a nightmare: “Hindi ka magising”


Actress Agot Isidro slammed the government again via her Twitter post, saying that the current situation of the Philippines is already a “nightmare”.

Agot made the tweet after the killings of several mayors and after the alleged final draft of the proposed Federal constitution leaked on the internet.

“Parang bangungot na hindi ka magising. Yan ang Pilipinas ngayon.” Isidro tweeted.

Agot who’s being rumored to run on the senatorial election under the opposition ticket also labeled the Duterte admin as the “bloodiest” government.

“This is the bloodiest administration ever. Di pa kayo natatakot dun?” Isidro wrote.

While her fans agreed of what she said, some Duterte supporters couldn’t stop themselves from defending the President again against the criticisms of the actress.

Netizen Harry Reyes pointed out that Agot is turning a blind eye to the achievements of the Duterte administration.

Netizen Hogan Cakir meanwhile, made a sarcastic response to Agot Isidro’s latest tweet against the government.

Netizen Julius Bugayong even wondered why Isidro can’t see the good things that the Duterte administration made to destroy criminality.

Netizen Nancy Moon said that the Duterte administration is a nightmare only to the members of the opposition because they can’t do more corruption anymore.

These are the other comments made by the netizens against Isidro:

Some Duterte supporters also confronted Isidro in her own Twitter post.

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