Kris Aquino knows why she don’t have television show anymore: “Hindi naman ako type ng mga Duterte supporters”

Former television host Kris Aquino believes the real reason why her comeback in T.V is still not yet possible.

During a press conference for her upcoming movie, Aquino said that the possible reason why she’s still not yet receiving offers to become a talk show host again are her ties with the Liberal Party and the bitter relationship between President Duterte and her former network ABS-CBN.

She said that because the franchise of the ABS-CBN is at stake after the threats of the President against the media giant, they may not want to upset Duterte and his supporters by giving Kris another show in television.

President Duterte criticized ABS-CBN and vowed to block their franchise renewal because of not airing his political advertisement during the presidential elections in 2016.

“I know that their (ABS-CBN’s) franchise is at stake. I’m being so honest, diretsahan na ‘yan so why do they risk it by giving me a show especially na kahit wala naman kaming isyu ni president (Duterte), hindi naman ako type ng supporters niya. So naiintindihan ko kung bakit wala,” Aquino said.

However, her career is still alive and boasted that many brands still paid her as their endorser.

“Pero they can see me every night if they want to, I’m online and I have 53 brands supporting me.” Aquino said.

Aquino also said that she had some plans to establish a talk show on social media, but she didn’t disclose more additional details.

“I was forbidden to say more, I’m sorry. Sinabi ko nga eh, normally wala akong kinakatakutan pero ang kontrata at non-disclosure agreement kinakatakutan ko,” she said.

Kris Aquino became the main target of the Duterte supporters after she criticized Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson over the video that the latter posted featuring Ninoy Aquino.

The two exchanged in a heated word war on social media and even President Duterte apologized to Kris Aquino for what happened.

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