Dela Rosa reveals that nurses and doctors being used by drug lords in illegal drug transactions in Bilibid

Bureau of Corrections Chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa revealed one of the reasons why several drugs lords jailed at the Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa could still continue their illegal drug business despite the tight security.

He said that medical practitioners are being contracted by the drug lords to be their messenger to the outside world.

Photo: City Government of Muntinlupa

According to Bato, one drug lord, Amin Buratong who’s already inside the Bilibid for one year was still able to manage his illegal drug business.

There’s also a case that a physician intentionally declared a drug personally as mentally challenged to cover up their conspiracy.

“Imagine pati iyong mga nurses, mga doktor nagagamit ng mga drug lord. Mayroong ida-diagnose na bu-ang, bu-ang kuno. Iyon pala ipapa-diagnose na bu-ang para tuloy iyong kaniyang negosyo sa droga,” the BuCor chief said.

He believed that the medical professionals are either bribed or threatened to follow the drug lords of the Bilibid prison.

In his visit to Leyte Regional Prison, he also warned the inmates not to continue their illegal drug business or else, they might face death.

“Alam ninyo kung ano ang pinaka ayaw ko, pinakaayaw ni Presidente yung droga. Iyong sige negosyo pa diyan, baka mamatay kayo. When I say mamatay, pwedeng namatay sa sakit…Kaya ihinto na ninyo yan,” Dela Rosa concluded.

Despite the tight security in the Bilibid Prison, the national penitentiary has been labeled by several inmates as the Shabu capital of the Philippines.

According to the investigation, the Bilibid drug lords could transact ₱15 billion worth of illegal drugs during the last two years of the Aquino administration.

One of the people blamed on the proliferation of illegal drugs in Bilibid is former Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary and now Senator Leila De Lima who allegedly helped the drug lords to continue their drug business in the National Penitentiary.

Source: UNTV

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