Blogger has a powerful message to the people who doubts Bong Go: “He knows the President like NO ONE DOES”

Special Assistant to President Christopher “Bong” Go has been criticized by several supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte amid the Kris Aquino vs. Mocha Uson issue because they believe that the man who’s also known as the ‘selfie king’ sided with the talk show host.

The criticisms started when Go said during the press conference on Wednesday that he was contacted by Kris Aquino and told him about the problems.

He told the media that Mocha Uson will apologize to Kris Aquino, however, the communications assistant secretary contradicted what Go told the media.

This gave speculations to some Duterte supporters and bloggers that Go threw Mocha under the bus.

Even blogger Thinking Pinoy criticized Go saying that Kris easily got his response, while his complaint about the victims of Dengvaxia is still not yet getting any attention.

“SAP Bong Go, ilang text ko na po sa inyo ang tungkol sa Dengvaxia pero wala pa ring nangyayari.” Nieto said.

On Friday, Bong Go wrote a message addressed to the people who doubt him for his recent statements.

He explained that he’s only doing what the President said and he clarified he don’t want to run for Senate.

“Ginagawa ko lang ang trabaho ko. Kapag inutos ng Pangulo, I will deliver. Wag po kayong mag alala, wala akong pangarap mag Senador.” Go said.

Several netizens were still not convinced by the explanation of Bong Go and continue to criticize him.

“Loyalty ko po eh sa bayan! Sana nmn bigyan nyo ng pansin ang dengvaxia victims. Sir isang txt lng ni kris aksyon agad kayo! Eh pano nmn yong txt ni TP para sa bayan din yun at sa mga batang buhay pa! Tabangi intawn ninyo sir.”  Netizen Kimwong Ortiz said.

In response, Go said that he’s always delivering all the important messages to the President.

“lahat po ginagawa namin. papa abot ko parati sa pangulo . alam ni tp (Thinking Pinoy) yan,”

However, Krizette Laureta Chu, didn’t joined the people who criticized Go and even tried to convince the others to trust the President’s assistant with her powerful message.

She said that only Bong Go has the most knowledge about the President’s decision and served the former Mayor of Davao City even before he became the leader of the Philippines.

Chu believes that Go is the most trusted man of Duterte and the presidential assistant  has a better knowledge about the President than all the Duterte supporter.

 Sir Christopher Bong Go , you would not have had the privilege of being beside THE PRESIDENT for a long long long time if he didn’t have your trust and support.

People here should remember that and not put your expectations on Bong Go, as if we know how the President works and acts and thinks. He should do this, he shouldn’t have done that. We are not on the inside. We don’t have an intimate knowledge of what’s being said in the President’s chambers. Not even the most vocal of Duterte’s supporters know how the President chooses which issues to focus on and why.

Guess who does? Bong Go.

He serves the President we trust, the President we love. He knows the President like NO ONE DOES. No one among us knows the President like Bong Go. And the President trusts no one as well as he does Bong Go.

He is the most trustworthy of all the alter egos of the President.

That should serve us well to remember that truth whenever we feel like we know better.

Bong Go was there before Duterte was President. Let’s remember that Lang.

Several netizens agreed with what Chu wrote and they said that they would still support Go if he’s going to pursue entering politics.

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