Mocha Uson to Kris Aquino: I decline to apologize for the truth, Kris quickly responds


Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson refused to apologize to Kris Aquino over the video that she posted comparing the kiss of President Rodrigo Duterte to an OFW in South Korea with the kiss received by Ninoy Aquino from his supporters moments before he assassinated.

Yesterday, Kris Aquino posted two social media message addressed to Uson, saying that she utterly hurt and offended by the video posted by Mocha.

Mocha said in her live video that the real issue is about the criticisms received by President Rodrigo Duterte after kissing a married OFW in South Korea.

She also told Aquino that the issue is not about her and she only compared what Duterte did to what Ninoy also committed

“This is not about Kris Aquino, tungkol ito sa paglalagay malisya sa isang halik. Itinumbas lang sa gawain ng ibang lider tulad ng tatay niya. Ms. Aquino this is not about you,” Mocha Uson said in her live video.

“With all due respect to everyone involved, I decline to apologize for the truth,” she said in another post.

Meanwhile, Kris Aquino quickly responded on the live video released by Mocha.

“Sino ang humalik? Ganoon kasimple,” Kris Aquino said.

She also rebutted the statement of Mocha, insisting that she’s also involved in the issue.

“if it is about my father or mother, this is also about me,” she said.

Kris also pointed out that Christopher “Bong” Go already apologized to them, however, she was saddened because despite what the presidential assistant did, Mocha still refused to apologize.

“Boss niya na po ang nagsasalita, sinasabi kong boss niya kasi nag ta-trabaho siya sa Malacanang, at yung pinakamalapit at yung pinagkakatiwalaan ng Presidente, siya nagawa niyang mag sorry sakin.” she said.

“Pero si Miss Uson, galit pa, okay.” she added.

She also insisted that they’re not already members of the Liberal Party that being criticized by the supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Kris is also hoping that Bong Go is going to stand by his statement that they’re also expressing their sympathy to the Aquino family.

Kris in the last part of her video said that this issue made her realize that many people still respect Ninoy and Cory Aquino.

“Mocha, you’re right this is not about Kris Aquino. This is a reminder that Filipinos still love and respect and Cory and Ninoy Aquino.” she said.

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