Tubig na may halong langis, lumalabas sa isang tubo sa Mindanao?

It seems that Mindanao is indeed rich in resources like natural gas.

Youtube User ToRo Tomas showcased how a tube connected underground is releasing a liquid that would ignite if exposed to flame.

In the video, they put a metal at the top of the tube to support a pot that they’re using for cooking.

According to the uploader, the video was recorded in a remote area in Mindanao, and the water with liquid is flowing 24/7.

Another video showed that the water in Liguasan Marsh is also igniting when exposed to flame.

Both videos garnered thousands of views from the netizens, calling the attention of the government to prioritize oil exploration in different parts of Mindanao to solve the oil problem.

Many people are already aware that there’s a natural gas underneath the soil of Southern part of the Philippines, according to the survey conducted by the U.S, thousands of hectares of area in North Cotabato, Central Mindanao, and the Sulu Sea which holds around hundreds of millions of barrels of oil.

However, the exploration of this areas has been delayed several times because of the negotiation between the Islamic groups and government.

Several groups claimed that the oil-rich lands in Mindanao are part of their ancestral domain and they want part of the earnings if the government started to build oil fields in the said areas.

Moro National Liberal Front (MNLF) Chairman Nur Misuari also believed that if the peace in Mindanao already attained, it would be easier to the people to enjoy the natural resources.

Last week, the Alegria oil and gas fields in Cebu has started its production, giving some hopes to the netizens that more exploration and drillings would happen anytime soon.


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