Smoker arrested for violating anti-smoking law and for disrespecting President Duterte, municipal councilor and police

A tourist who was caught smoking in a public place in Camiguin has been arrested by the authorities after he showed a rude behavior towards a Municipal Councilor yesterday.

According to Mambajao Councilor Frances Margaret Aparte, she saw the man smoking in front of the beach so she asked him to stop it.

However, the man gave a rude response to the councilor who’s not wearing her uniform or lawyer attire during that time.

“Ha? Bawal magsigarilyo? Naa moy balaod diri nga bawal? (may batas kayo dito?)” he told the councilor.

Aparte even lectured the man over the Tobacco Regulation and Control Ordinance, however, the man continued to smoke even she already warned that she would call the authorities.

He even mentioned the police and President Duterte in his another rude response.

“Police? Asa imo police? Police ni Duterte? Tua ra man Manila ang Police ni Duterte?”  (Pulis? Asan ang Pulis? Pulis ni Duterte? Ikaw ba ang Pulis ni Duterte sa Manila?) he said.

After realizing that the man cannot be convinced to stop smoking anymore, she already decided to arrest the man and brought him to the police to be punished for violating the anti-smoking law.

“NOW THEREFORE, with the power vested on me, I unveiled myself from being a mere #BarangayCoastalMaintenanceWorker to a LAWYER, ANTI-SMOKING TASK FORCE OFFICER, SB CHAIRMAN ON PEACE AND ORDER and most of all a PROTECTIVE MOTHER…” she said in her Facebook post.

The man after being arrested for violating the anti-smoking law photo: Frances Margaret Aparte

According to her, after the man brought to the police station, he begged several times not to file a case against him, however, the councilor refused his request.

“Bahalag nabilar ning burosa ni, bahalag 2am na nakatulog mafilan lang ta ka og kaso (2 am na ko nakatulog para lang makapagsampa ako ng kaso dito) to make sure you will stay in jail to teach you a lesson to abide with our local laws and to respect women, esp. Pregnant women,” she said.

She also warned the tourist to “Do not make fun of their laws” or “suffer the consequences.”

At least, the councilor showed some mercy by not showing the violator’s face and revealing his identity on social media.

As of writing, the post already got 10,000 reactions and thousands of shares on social media.

Source: Frances Margaret Aparte



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