Young NPA recruit reunites with his mother in Ifugao: “Imbes na ako’y saktan, ako’y inalagaan ng mga sundalo”

A young recruit of the New People’s Army who got rescued by the members of the 54th Infantry (Magilas) Battalion (54IB) during an encounter in Brgy Namal, Asipulo, Ifugao has finally reunited with his mother.

The young recruit who called ‘Ka Iyong’ had an emotional reunion with his mother at Battalion Headquarters 54IB, 5ID, PA, Tiger Hill, Sitio Ibulao, Kiangan, Ifugao, 9:00 o’ clock in the morning of November 30, 2018.

According to the article of, Ka Iyong has been rescued after the said encounter together with another young recruit ‘Ka Cindy’.

The mother who’s so much worried about his son condition since he joined the rebel group finally felt relieved. After she saw Ka-Iyong, the emotional mother embraced her long-lost child and thanked the army for taking care of his son.



Ka Iyong also assured his mother that he’s going to change his life after being given a second chance by the army.



According to the report, Ka Iyong joined NPA for five years and left his family to hide into the mountains.

Ltc Narcisco B. Nabulneg Jr, Commander of 54IB also encouraged the other members of NPA to surrender.

“I also encourage and invite other NPA members in the Mountains of Cordillera to lay down their arms and go back to the folds of the law and enjoy the Christmas with peace and joy in their hearts and minds and celebrate New Year with a new life and a bright future like Ka Iyong’s, he said.

Meanwhile, CPP-NPA denied that they’re recruiting minor members to join the said armed group.

‘Sulit ang pag papa aral!” Eat Bulaga Scholar tops 2018 Civil Engineering Board Exams with a score of 97.20 percent

One of the Eat Bulaga scholar Jaydee Niere Lucero topped the November 2018 Civil Engineer licensure exam, and he didn’t forget to thank the noontime show that helped him to afford a good education.

In his Facebook post, Lucero who studied at the University of the Philippines-Diliman posted his graduation photo with a lengthy caption addressed to the people who helped him to achieve his dreams.

“Sa Eat Bulaga, sa pagpapaaral ninyo sa akin (at sa aming mga EBEST scholars) for the past 9 years. Hindi ko marahil mararating ang tagumpay na ito kung hindi dahil sa inyo, thank you po!” Lucero said.

“Mabuhay ang mga bagong civil engineers ng bayan. Let us serve the country and the people!” the topnotcher added.

He also mentioned Phinma National Scholarship (PNS) Program, UP Diliman Institute of Civil Engineering and Review Innovations for helping him to reach the top spot.

Lucero also didn’t forget to thank his colleagues who helped him during the time of difficulties.

Back in 2009, in the celebration of its 30th anniversary, Eat Bulaga launched “Excellent Student Awards” or EBest Awards aimed to help the financially incapable elementary and high school students.

The awardees received full scholarship grants from Eat Bulaga and also monthly allowances and cash assistance.

Some scholars like Angelica Nieva from Bulacan is now working as an online English teacher.


South Korean President Moon lauds Duterte: “I take my hats off to President Duterte’s leadership

President of South Korea Moon Jae-In during a joint press briefing at Cheong Wa Dae (Blue House) in Seoul lauded President Rodrigo Duterte for his effective leadership.

Moon said that the leadership of Duterte gave a boost to the economy of the Philippines which resulted in his popularity among the Filipinos.

“I take my hats off to President Duterte’s leadership which has enabled rapid economic growth and social stability, drawing great support from the people of the Philippines in the process,”

“The Philippines is currently working to realize national Vision 2040 under President Duterte’s
outstanding leadership,” he added.

He thanked President Duterte for his promise to protect the lives of the South Korean nationals in the Philippines.

President Moon Jae-In and President Rodrigo Duterte Photo: PCOO

Moon vowed that they would participate in the upcoming projects of the Philippines.

“In particular, I look forward to seeing the Korean companies’ participation further expanded in the fields of transportation, energy, and infrastructure through our cooperation in the new industries such as info-communications as well as science and technology. We will create the growth engine for the future together,” he said.

“President Duterte and I agreed to designate the year 2019 as the year of mutual exchanges between Korea and the Philippines to mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of our diplomatic relations,” he added.

The South Korean leader also said that he’s hoping that more Filipinos are going to visit his country.

“I hope to see more people from the Philippines visit Korea as well,” Moon said.

1.6-M South Koreans tourists visited the Philippines last year, while 450,000 Filipinos traveled to South Korea.

“The people of our two countries will visit each other more frequently and enhance the understanding in communication among them,” Moon said.

Meanwhile, President Rodrigo Duterte praised Moon for focusing on attaining peace with North Korea.

“I commended President Moon for his vision of bringing peace, stability, and prosperity to the Korean peninsula. His selfless dedication is demonstrated by the historic Inter-Korean Summit (in April), which resulted in the (signing of the declaration),'” Duterte said

“The Philippines is hopeful that positive developments over the past several months will continue and contribute positively toward the goal of the denuclearization in [the] Korean peninsula,” he added.

In response, Moon said that the support of President Duterte would contribute to South Korea’s mission to maintain peace in the peninsula.

“His support will be of great help to us on our journey to establish peace on the Korean Peninsula. Our two countries will further strengthen our cooperation and that goes beyond the Peninsula to uphold peace in the region, he said.

According to the sources, South Korea offered $1-billion worth of official development assistance (ODA) to the Philippines.

The Philippines also sacked $5-B worth of trade deals from South Korean businessmen.

Tubig na may halong langis, lumalabas sa isang tubo sa Mindanao?

It seems that Mindanao is indeed rich in resources like natural gas.

Youtube User ToRo Tomas showcased how a tube connected underground is releasing a liquid that would ignite if exposed to flame.

In the video, they put a metal at the top of the tube to support a pot that they’re using for cooking.

According to the uploader, the video was recorded in a remote area in Mindanao, and the water with liquid is flowing 24/7.

Another video showed that the water in Liguasan Marsh is also igniting when exposed to flame.

Both videos garnered thousands of views from the netizens, calling the attention of the government to prioritize oil exploration in different parts of Mindanao to solve the oil problem.

Many people are already aware that there’s a natural gas underneath the soil of Southern part of the Philippines, according to the survey conducted by the U.S, thousands of hectares of area in North Cotabato, Central Mindanao, and the Sulu Sea which holds around hundreds of millions of barrels of oil.

However, the exploration of this areas has been delayed several times because of the negotiation between the Islamic groups and government.

Several groups claimed that the oil-rich lands in Mindanao are part of their ancestral domain and they want part of the earnings if the government started to build oil fields in the said areas.

Moro National Liberal Front (MNLF) Chairman Nur Misuari also believed that if the peace in Mindanao already attained, it would be easier to the people to enjoy the natural resources.

Last week, the Alegria oil and gas fields in Cebu has started its production, giving some hopes to the netizens that more exploration and drillings would happen anytime soon.


President Duterte’s signature is the only one needed now to implement the National ID System

Senator Panfilo Lacson expected that both lower and upper house would ratify the final version of the Philippine Identification System before Monday so it can finally be signed by President Rodrigo Duterte to make it a law.

This is Lacson’s statement after the bicameral conference committee approved the bill that seeking to establish an ID system that would merge all the other government IDs in a single national identification system.

“Not much difference. In fact, substantially, the HOR (House of Representatives) adopted the Senate version,” Lacson said in a text message

According to the law being pushed by Lacson, the national ID system should be known as the Philippine Identification System or Philsys.

It has three components, the PHilsys Number (PSN), the PhilID, and the PhilSys Registry.

The ID would contain the card owner’s face, full name, facial image, address, date of birth and fingerprints. It also non-transferable to ensure that it would not be abused by someone.

“The bill will allow every Filipino and resident alien of the country to be identified with the use of a PhilSys Number or PSN, a randomly generated, unique and permanent identification number which shall be the standard number assigned to each individual to be incorporated in all identification systems of government agencies,” Lacson said.

Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is mandated to act as the registry of the Philsys, according to the bill.

The Congress would allot P2 billion for the implementation of the National ID System.

However, the National Identification System has been opposed by several lawmakers, saying that this bill would remove the Filipino’s “right to privacy.”

“The bill empowers the government to collect and retain from each and every Filipino citizen their personal information of exceptional scope and interest. The information includes, not just the basic personal data, but also ‘sensitive personal information,’ including biometrics (facial image, iris scan, full set of fingerprints), and other identifiable features of an individual,” ACT Teachers Party-List Representative Antonio Tinio said.

He believed that the national ID system would be used by President Duterte as a “powerful tool of surveillance, control and, repression over all citizens,”.

“With President Duterte’s emerging dictatorial rule, the deteriorating human rights situation, the increasing number of extrajudicial killings, martial law in Mindanao, a total war in the countryside, and the Duterte regime’s tyrannical rule, the bill may be used against those who criticize and oppose his policies,” Representative France Castro said.

Selfless man helps stranded people during a thunderstorm by transporting them using his own vehicle

A man has gone viral on the internet after he committed a selfless act in Barangay San Miguel, San Sebastian, Tarlac City.

Netizen Noel Guevarra narrated how the man that he didn’t name helped the people who got stranded in an establishment by transporting them in their homes.

The sudden thunderstorm made some people trapped in the said establishment and the people who got no umbrella has been helped by this man for free.

Guevarra said that they tried to pay the man as an exchange for his help, however, the good Samaritan refused.

The good samaritan despite not introducing himself, helped anyone who were stranded during the thunderstorm. Photo: Noel Guevarra

“Ayan, di baleng ako ang mabasa. Wag lang kayo.” the good Samaritan told Guevarra.

The post garnered an amazing 320,000 likes and 47,000 shares as of writing, most of the comments were praise from the people who were amazed by the selfless act of the good Samaritan.

Some even urged several television programs to feature the man and to know more about his story.

You can read the story of Noel Guevarra below:

Kagabi, around 7pm, biglang umulan ng sobrang lakas sa San Miguel. Nakakatakot yung kidlat at kulog. Andaming stranded. Pero etong si kuyang may payong, nagalok na ihatid ang mga tao sa mga sakayan (kasama kami dun).
Kami yung unang tinulungan niya at plano naming bayaran siya kahit magkano lang. Bilang pasasalmat ba.
Nung hinatid niya kami sa harap ng Robinson’s, habang naglalakad, sabi niya:
“Ayan, di baleng ako ang mabasa. Wag lang kayo.”
After niyang tumulong samin, ni hindi siya humingi ng kapalit. Umalis agad siya. TUMULONG SA IBA PANG WALANG DALANG PAYONG. HINATID NIYA KUNG SAAN SAAN.
Pinanuod ko lang siya kasi naamazed ako eh. hahaha.
After 30mins, tumila din yung ulan kahit papano. Nilapitan ko siya, at inabutan ko ng pangmeryenda. Nagpasalamat siya. Napangiti ako kasi kita kong masaya siya na nakatulong siya sa maraming tao.

Minsan, sa kabila ng maraming pangit na nangyayari sa mundo, isang taong may mabuting puso lang ang kailangan natin para ma-restore yung faith natin sa humanity. KUDOS KAY KUYA!!!

Source: Noel Guevarra

Aside from Alegria, Cebu there’s another place in Mindanao which holds trillions of pesos of gas

Aside from Alegria gas and oil fields in Cebu, there is another place in Mindanao which holds billions of dollars of natural gas.

The vast reservoir of natural gas can be found in Liguasan Marsh, a 220,000 hectares of land which lies along the provinces of North Cotabato and Mindanao.

According to Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) Chairman Nur Misuari, the Americans who estimated the earnings from the natural gas of Liguasan once explored will amount $580 billion (P30-T)

“Kung i- convert yan sa ating pera, aabot yan ng trillion pesos”, Misuari told GMA News in 2008.

Aside from its rich oil reserved, the marsh is also rich in wildlife, and different species are living in the said place.

Different clans in Mindanao claimed that Liguasan Marsh is part of their ancestral domain and the government should plan carefully about the wealth-sharing once its start producing oil.

Misuari believed that there’s already peace in Mindanao, the people there could now easily obtain the resources of Liguasan which can give a huge number of jobs and opportunities to the Mindanaoans.

However, the drilling has been suspended during the Aquino administration after they followed the request by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) to forbid any bidding or contract until they’re still not yet done in negotiating the wealth-sharing under the Bangsamoro.

Under the Petroleum Act, the government stands to earn about 60 percent in royalties from extraction activities.

During the Duterte administration, Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi seek the help of Saudi Arabia to help the Philippines in exploring the gas reserves in Liguasan Marsh.

In the video posted on social media, it shows that some parts of the marsh are igniting, showing a sign that there’s a deposit of gas beneath it.

Aside from Liguasan Marsh, Sulu sea and Central Mindanao is also being eyed for oil exploration.

Department of Energy said that this area also holds around hundreds of millions of barrels of oil.

Source: GMA/Inq

Duterte expects airstrip, massive migration, in Alegria Cebu after oil and gas fields started commercial production

After Alegria oilfields officially opened for commercial production, President Rodrigo Duterte told the residents of the said town to prepare themselves in the sudden human economic development.

He believed that because of the job opportunities and income for Filipinos that the said oilfield would generate, he foresees that people in different parts of the country would migrate in Alegria.

“Madaghan nang mga tawo diri. (People will flock here.) Prepare for that and do not forget your fellowmen here,” Duterte said.

He said that the people of Alegria should accept the people from other places who’s searching for an opportunity in their town.

Duterte opening the valve of the gas fields marking its official commercial opening Photo: PCOO

“It is a magnet that draws people together. But since we are Filipinos, you should accommodate them and partake of the bounties of what God has given us in the bowels of the earth,” Duterte said.

The President also urged the local officials of Alegria to carefully plan the future improvements in the said town and spend the money that the oilfields would earn to improve the living conditions of their people.

He also expected that there would be an airstrip in Alegria soon that would make the transportation in the said town easier.

“I can see your own airstrip here, which you can be proud of as your means of transportation from Alegria to other parts of the province and back,” Duterte said.

The oilfields which opened last week is expected to produce 200-400 oil barrels a day and it would give a tremendous amount of revenue to the national and local government.

It covers a total area of 197,000 hectares with approximately around 42,749 hectares dedicated to the production area.

The oilfield is currently operated by China International Mining Petroleum Company Ltd. with its partners Skywealth Group Holdings Ltd. And Phil-Mal Energy International Inc. with a P1.6 billion investment.

The recent development in Alegria has been praised by many people, wishing that more oilfields will be discovered soon.