Doctorate Degree na nakuha ni Francis Leo Marcos, peke?

Francis Leo Marcos, who was recently freed after several years behind bars, was facing another controversy.

On January 13, Marcos announced that he received the title ‘Doctor of Humanities,’ which impressed his followers.

“DOCTOR OF HUMANITIES! Exam Score: 150 – Perfect Score! Just like Uncle Present Ferdinand E. Marcos and Greatgrandpa Dr. Jose Rizal. GENIUS!” netizen Erlee Ancheta said.

Marcos received the award from Brethren Evangelical School of Theology International (BEST) in partnership with ‘Cambridge Training College Britain.

The said awarding happened at the Great Eastern Hotel in Quezon City.

However, several netizens raised their eyebrows as they realized that the same school was the one that conferred the honorary degree to Daniel Matsunaga in 2018.

In 2018, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) warned the public that the institution does not recognize BEST; hence, they were not allowed to give honorary degrees.

“The public is hereby advised that the awarding of an Honorary Doctorate Degree or Honoris Causa by Brethren Evangelical School of Theology to any person will not be recognized by the Commission on Higher Education,” the commission wrote.


As of writing, BEST is still not included on the country’s list of higher education institutions.

Meanwhile, Cambridge Training College Britain (CTCB), which claimed to be based in London, was not found on the United Kingdom’s list of institutions.

The Cambridge Training College Britain was also not found on the list of registered institutions on the Office for Students website.

According to the UK government, only those recognized universities can award degrees, so it is possible that CTCB was also unauthorized to give honoris causa.

As of writing, Marcos has yet to give any comment to the legitimacy of his doctorate degree.


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