Ang mahal! TV5 reportedly rejects Vice Ganda after the comedian’s camp asks 3-M pesos talent fee

It was reported that Jose Marie Viceral, popularly known as Vice Ganda’s camp, negotiated with TV5 amid the franchise issue of ABS-CBN.

According to an article written by Tonite, they were informed that Viceral talked to TV5 about his possible transfer to the network. However, the broadcasting network owned by Manuel V. Pangilinan rejected the comedian.

It was reported that TV5 rejected Viceral because of the high amount of talent fee being asked by the camp of one of the top stars of ABS-CBN.

Philstar reported that the talent fee being asked by the camp of Viceral was P3-M a month for a once a week show.

The camp of the comedian denied the reports, however, the issue has been revived because of some informants.

Viceral appeared in a weekly show on ABS-CBN, Gandang Gabi Vice, which ran for almost nine years.

The failed negotiation between Viceral and TV5 may be the reason why the comedian decided to form his own network.

Viceral launched Vice Ganda Network that will give access to the comedian’s exclusive content.

Vice Ganda Network

“Just visit the official VICE GANDA NETWORK website,, and be the first to catch the good vibes that Vice Ganda sends out every day. Know the latest Vice News, get some Vice Beauty tips, get a chance to win some Vice giveaways, join the fun Vice Games, and get to watch the latest Vice videos. All of these, first and exclusive on VICE GANDA NETWORK.” the statement read.

“One of the most exciting things to hit VICE GANDA NETWORK is the latest hit online show GABING GABI NA VICE! And starting July 17, you get to watch it first and exclusive on VICE GANDA NETWORK. Now, you have a new late night gimmick every Friday and you get a VIP treatment, as you are with the one and only Vice Ganda,” it added.

Viceral is one of the most affected artist of ABS-CBN shutdown and also vocal on defending the network from critics.


Viceral denied that he got rejected by TV5 after they demanded a high amount of talent fee.

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