Cesar Montano to portray KAPA founder Joel Apolinario in a movie


Members of KAPA Community Ministry International expressed their excitement after they heard that their founder Pastor Joel Apolinario, had been portrayed by actor Cesar Montano in a movie.

The trailer of the movie, titled “A Boy’s Dream” which Directed and written by Cesar Montano had been uploaded on social media sites.

The story started when Apolinario was still a young boy who’s having struggles because of their poor life. It also showed how Apolinario performed well in his studies.

There’s also a romantic side of the film, showing how Joel met his wife Reyna who’s allegedly handling most of their businesses now after getting rich because of KAPA.

Reyna Apolinario who’s being portrayed by actress Empress Schuck even made a heart-warming line in the movie when she finally left her husband to work abroad.

“Darating ang araw makkikilala ka ng tao, magiging kang magaling na negosyante at marami kang taong matutulungan.Lagi mo lang gagawin kung an ang tama at tuwid.” Mrs. Apolinario said in the movie.

Montano also portrayed how Apolinario became well-known after he founded KAPA which promised to give 30% monthly interest if their members “donated” a minimum of 10,000 pesos.

The movie has been planned several months before President Rodrigo Duterte ordered to close down KAPA because of allegedly using a Ponzi Scheme to lure people in investing to his religious group.

Ironically, Cesar Montano is also a staunch government supporter.

There’s still no exact date of the premiere of the movie, and it’s still not certain if the members of KAPA still need to pay to watch it.



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