Gutoc disagrees to impose capital punishment against Christine Silawan slay suspects: “It’s inhumane”


Otso Diretso senatorial candidate Samira Gutoc said that she would never change her stance against capital punishment despite hearing what happened to the grade 9 student Christine Silawan who got skinned by alleged shabu users in Lapu Lapu City.

In an interview with CNN Philippines journalist Pinky Webb, Gutoc said that the case of Silawan should not be a basis for the people to call for the revival of capital punishment, saying that it’s not fit in the constitution of the Philippines.

She said that as a Mindanaoan she was aware that an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is still being practiced in her place, but she reminded the Muslim community that inhumane actions against a lawbreaker are not allowed in the law.

Gutoc who’s a human rights activist pointed out that capital punishment might victimize innocent people, especially the poor who don’t have money to defend themselves.

She pointed out that instead of reviving the capital punishment, the government should address the root of the problem like education and the additional presence of law enforcers.

Gutoc also questioned why the authorities failed to protect the people like Silawan.

“Bakit hindi siya naproteksyunan? Where were the police patrolling at night? That is the issue.” she said.



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