“body parts missing” Doctor who examined Christine Silawan body admits that its his first time to encounter such terrible case


The Medicolegal officer who examined the body of Christine Silawan admitted that this was his first time to encounter a case as terrible as the said grade 9 student’s death, saying that the victim was not only skinned.

In an interview, Doctor Benjamin Lara said that after examining Christine’s body, they discovered that the victim’s esophagus, tongue, and trachea were also missing.

However, Dr. Lara said that he’s not yet sure if the suspects removed the missing parts, saying that wild animals might also be involved in the unfortunate thing happened to Christine’s body.

“Baka kinain ng mga hayop, baka may daga doon, may mga aso doon,” Lara said.

He believed that the suspects made such terrible thing to Christine’s face to hide the identity of the victim from the authorities.

Lara said that the suspects “carefully and meticulously done” the skinning which may mean it took hours.

Meanwhile, the authorities claimed that they already identified the three suspects behind the case of Silawan, however, they denied to disclose it until the manhunt is still not done.

The case of Silawan sparked the calls to revive capital punishment in the Philippines which outlawed in 2006.


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