Mayor Inday Sara explains why ‘Otso Diretso’ candidates have no right to lecture about honesty


Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte clarified her statements, saying that honesty is not an issue during the campaign period.

Inday Sara said on honesty cannot be used against any candidates in the upcoming election because she believes that everyone is lying to the voters to gain votes.

“All candidates have been telling lies, that’s why honesty should not be an issue,” Duterte told reporters after leading an HNP campaign rally in Parañaque City last Wednesday.

Opposition senatorial slate Otso Diretso reacted on the statement of Inday Sara, saying that the Davao City Mayor should not insult voters for saying that honesty should not be an issue.

On Thursday, Inday Sara who’s also the chairman of Hugpong ng Pagbabago (HNP) released a new statement explaining why Otso Diretso has no moral grounds to discuss about honesty.

Inday Sara believes that her statement on ‘honesty’ also helped Otso Diretso which she also called as ‘Black Hole’.

“I’m helping the Black Hole candidates dig themselves out of their own hole when I say honesty should not be an issue.” Inday Sara said in her statement.

She pointed out that while Otso Diretso is pretending that they’re honest, they’re using black propaganda against the President and its candidates.

“They use inaccurate, misleading statements and even direct lies when they attack other candidates or President Duterte and they know they are stretching the truth and yet they deny that they are lying. ” Inday Sara said.

“That is the reason why they should not attack other candidates about honesty because they are themselves, liars. And this is the truth. And this shows in their dismal performance in the race, people know they are not truthful.” she added.

In her Instagram post, Inday Sara also called out Magdalo Representative Gary Alejano for allegedly making a story to destroy the popularity of former Presidential aide Christopher ‘Bong’ Go.

She also pointed out that if honesty is considered as an issue during elections, all candidates might get disqualified already.

“Honesty pala at hindi college diploma ang issue noh? disqualified na lahat ng kandidato sa buong Pilipinas. Una na sa disqualified ang mga candidates ng Black Hole. Alejano said the Bong Go t-shirts come from public funds without proof and basis, sinungaling much? Kahit ang picture ko sa led wall sinungaling! naka photoshop.” Inday Sara said.


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