Blogger criticize Bishop Villegas for encouraging voters to not support President Duterte: ” Tao ka lang at hindi ka Diyos!”


A blogger criticized Bishop Socrates Villegas for the video he uploaded on social media, encouraging the devotees of the Roman Catholic Church to stop supporting President Rodrigo Duterte and his bets in the upcoming 2019 senatorial elections.

In a video running more than 8 minutes, which was posted on social media, Villegas who’s also the former head of the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), made a video to respond on President Duterte’s tirade against the top religion in the Philippines.

“The Lord said, ‘Are you betraying the son of man with a kiss.’ My dear brothers and sisters, are you going to betray God? Are you going to deny your faith by your vote?” Villegas said in the video.

As a response to the video, blogger Krizette Laureta Chu called out Villegas saying that the Bishop is only pretending that he knows what God really wants to happen in the upcoming election.

According to her, Villegas broke ‘three’ rules in his religion.

Chu wrote:

“Soc Villegas just pretended to know what God wanted. 

You dimwit, you just broke so many rules. 

1. Pretending to know what God wants and speaking for Him

2. Removing the freedom of choice, free will, that God gifted for every human.

3. Denying that everything that happens–including who gets the Presidency–is planned by God.”

She called Villegas as ‘dictatorial’ for pretending that he knows better than the believers of the Roman Catholic.

Chu also listed some of the controversies of the Roman Catholic Church, including their stance against LGBT.

She also dared Villegas to remove her from being a Catholic.

“Try to excommunicate me, you useless, corrupt, soulless, an interloper of the Church,” Chu said.

“If anything, you are the Judas in the flock . You are the furthest thing from Jesus. You will never be Jesus, and you will never be godly you pretentious, power hungry fool.” she added.

Chu added some message in the comment section of her open letter, calling Villegas as a ‘spawn of Satan’ for encouraging the people to vote for controversial politicians again.

She also said that Villegas is only a human and not a god to dictate the will of the people.

“Itatag na kita para siguradong makita mo, Socrates B Villegas. TAO KA LANG. TAO KA LANG AT HINDI KA DIYOS AT HINDI MO ALAM ANG SINASABI MO KASI SELF RIGHTEOUS KA. Kapal.” she wrote.

“Tao ka lang at ang malas malas namin na ikaw ang naging pinuno ng Katolosismo sa panahong ito. Wala kang kwenta.” she added

“You lead souls astray and you are the worst priest to ever walk the earth, you self serving, power hungry, pretentious fool hiding behind holy cloth!”

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