Netizen explains to government critics why President Duterte should be given credit on the laws he signed


While the netizens are celebrating on the new laws signed by President Rodrigo Duterte last week, one government critic mocked the supporters of the government for believing that the chief executive should be given credit for just for signing legislation.

Opposition supporter Alma Anonas-Carpio last week posted a message addressed to the supporter of the government, saying that Duterte should not be given credit on the Universal Healthcare Law (UHL) and Mobile Phone Number Portability (MNP) because it’s already being advocated by many groups and politicians many years ago.

“Please get your facts straight. Just because a President — ANY PRESIDENT– signs a bill into law does not mean it was to his credit that the law was made.” Anonas-Carpio wrote.

“Please review the process of lawmaking, and how long it takes to go from advocacy to bill, from bill to law, and from passing a law in the bicam to it finally being signed by the President–again, ANY PRESIDENT. Basa naman ng maayos at isip ng maayos,” she added.

The post of Anonas-Carpio went viral on the internet and became popular among the other critics of the government.

However, several Pro-Duterte netizens, including Mike Acebedo Lopez tried to defend the President against Anonas-Carpio’s criticisms.

In his post, Lopez explained why President Rodrigo Duterte should be given credit for making UHL and MNP as law.

According to him, UHL, MNP and other bills might become a proposal forever depends on the decision of the President.

Lopez said that Anonas-Carpio’s don’t really know the reality of the legislative process in the Philippines.

He also compared how President Rodrigo Duterte signed the important laws, unlike the former chief executive Noynoy Aquino who vetoed 80 bills.

You can read his whole post below:

“As she says, some of these measures have remained as mere proposals for years, for decades, yet what she downplays or refuses to accept is the glaring fact that no other leader has shepherded these laws into the passage. None but Duterte, with a Congress headed by Arroyo, another leader they hate.

This woman’s opinion is representative of a pervasive ignorance of the legislative process, and the reality that in the Philippines, it’s the executive’s priorities (especially one like Duterte who has the enormous political capital to spend) that are pushed for by Congress. 

And if other measures to reach the President’s desk for signature, those he did not personally push for or certify as urgent, he does have the power to veto them. Just like Noynoy who vetoed 80 plus bills that would have improved your lives, including one that would’ve raised nurses’ salaries.”

As of writing, the post of Lopez already reached 7,000 reactions and 3,000 shares on social media.

This month Duterte signed nine laws which praised by the netizens, it includes UHL, MNP, Expanded maternity leave, Rice tariffication and The New Central Bank Act.

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