“Wapakels?” Foreign Affairs Secretary Locsin labels the Chinese Woman who throws ‘taho’ at cop as not important issue


Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro ‘Teddy’ Locsin received criticisms from the netizens and also from some members of PNP for labeling what happened several days ago when a Chinese national threw a cup of ‘taho’ at a policeman who’s implementing the ‘no-liquid’ policy at MRT-3.

In a Twitter thread, netizen @SpammyHammy4 urged Locsin to deport the Chinese woman identified as Jiale Zhang, 23, a fashion designer student for not respecting the law-enforcers.

“Paki-deport na po pero pakisampal muna,” the netizen told Locsin.

However, Locsin made an unexpected comment about the issue, saying that what happened to the police officer is not important and common.

“Aw c’mon. Let’s not be trivial. This can happen anywhere to anyone in any country. Aggression by taho? Defense by the same? Boy, we really need arms deals to flesh out our sense of nationhood and sovereignty,” Locsin replied.

The statement of Locsin raised the eyebrows of some netizens and started to debate with him.

Netizen Danny Ching told Locsin that the issue is important, showing that the incident is an example of how Chinese workers treat Filipino people in their own country.

“You are wrong. This is not trivial. It happens a lot. Just not always to policemen. I see how contemptuous the mainland Chinese workers treat our vendors/cashiers/salespeople. A single incident may be trivial, but this is a PATTERN.” Ching wrote to Locsin.

Netizen @armstro40456163 also said that the incident might demoralize the people.

“If we let these foreigners do this in our very own place and defend their wrong actions by downplaying it as a non-issue for deportation, they will always feel superior to the person in authority in our country because of remarks coming from you. That is demoralizing!” he said.

Even Pro-Duterte blogger, RJ ‘Thinking Pinoy’ Nieto made a sarcastic comment on the statement of Locsin.

“SHOULD TWITTER BOY GO BACK TO HIS OLD JOB? Nung nagbunganga si Tony Labrusca sa airport, ipa-deport daw. Noong nagsaboy ang turista ng taho sa pulis, non-issue naman daw.” Nieto said.

“Tama lang sigurong naging yaya ni Kris Aquino si Teddy Boy Locsin: magkapareho sila ng wavelength. Mag-yaya na lang kaya siya uli?” he added.

Zhang became viral on Facebook, receiving thousands of criticisms from the netizens.

She’s currently facing cases for disrespecting a cop and also possibly face deportation.

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