Mayor of a town in Camarines Norte orders his men to take down Gov’t task force who conduct operation against illegal quarry


The Mayor of Capalonga Town in Camarines Norte found himself in hot water after a video showing him ordering to intimidate some members of the government task force against illegal quarrying.

Mayor Senandro Jalgalado who’s also known as “Pretty Boy”, was caught on cam while cursing the members of the task force who conducted an operation in his town and even ordered his men to attack them.

According to the source, Fanny Almaida, the task force caught Jalgalado using a government-owned vehicle for doing illegal quarrying in his town which is against the law.

Even in front of the policemen, Jalgalado ordered his men to take down the Almaida who’s recording the video.

The wife of the Mayor is also there and even tried to downplay what the man who’s recording the video was doing.

The source also insisted his right to record the video, saying that it’s their right to document everything that they saw during the operation.

Jalgalado also has seen shouting at the policeman who’s only trying to cool down the situation.

Despite the efforts, the people present during the incident failed to calm the Mayor and became more intense.

“Magp*tayan tayo dito!” the Mayor shouted.

He even tried to intimidate the man who’s recording the video, saying that there might be something bad happen to him if he continues in documenting the incident.

“I video mo yan p*k* ng *na mo, p*p*tayin kita!” he told the source.

The Mayor also accused the intention of the government task force, saying that their operation might be related to politics.

Almaida suffered hypertension in the middle of the recording, while the Mayor is still continuing in complaining on the people who supposedly part of the task force against illegal quarrying.

Jalgalado also became controversial in 2012 for committing indiscriminate firing and berating a police chief while drunk.

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