“Maaring ma deport!” Bureau of Immigration studying possible actions against the taho-throwing Chinese student


The Chinese National who’s studying in the Philippines might go back to her country soon after she showed a disrespectful behavior towards a police officer who only asked her to consume the ‘taho’ she’s carrying which is not allowed inside the MRT-3 stations.

Bureau of Immigration (BI) is studying possible actions against Jiale Zhang, 23, residing in 30P Axis Residences, Pioneer St., in Mandaluyong after she threw a cup of soya or ‘taho’ to Police Officer 1 Williman Cristobal who’s only implementing the ‘no-liquid’ policy at Boni Ave. Station.

The ‘No-Liquid’ policy was strictly implemented in MRT-3 after the Jolo, Sulu twin blast.

Based on initial reports, the station’s on-duty security guard stopped Zhang from bringing with her a cup of “taho”, explaining to her the ban on liquid items implemented by the MRT.

PO1 Cristobal intervened and explained to Zhang the policy but she refused to comply and threw the food at him, staining his uniform.

Cristobal’s colleague, PO1 Dominador Olempiada arrested Zhang and brought her to Police Community Precinct 5 in Mandaluyong where NCRPO Chief Guillermo Eleazar confronted her.

According to BI, they’re already coordinating with Department of Transportation (DOTr) and Philippine National Police (PNP) about the legal actions that they can file against the Chinese National.

“We will be coordinating with the DOTr [Department of Transportation] and the NCRPO [National Capital Region Police Office] for details about the case and will study possible actions against the said foreigner,” BI spokesperson Dana Krizia Sandoval said in a statement.

The Chinese National is facing complaints of disobedience to a person in authority, direct assault and unjust vexation for her actions against PO1 Cristobal.

DOTr is also considering to ban Zhang from riding the MRT 3 due to the incident.

Meanwhile, the cop who got confronted by Zhang received praises for keeping calm despite being shamed by the Chinese National in front of many commuters.

BI revealed that most of the foreigners banned from entering the country were Chinese nationals because of their disrespectful behavior towards the immigration officers.

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