Boyfriend of the controversial OFW Sheerlyn Gerasta is back to Philippines


Several days after the radio program ‘Raffy Tulfo in Action’ ended the story of the Sheerlyn Gerasta and Charlie Lozada, the netizens became excited again after the man who started the problem between the former couple came back to the Philippines.

Edwin Madredio, the man who became the boyfriend of Gerasta while she’s working abroad traveled back to the Philippines for a still unknown reason.

Netizens already speculated hat Madredio is going to marry Gerasta.

In the last part of the said episode, Lozada revealed that his former partner is planning to marry Madredio when the Engineer traveled back to the Philippines in February.

Madredio, who’s working as an Engineer in Saudi Arabia showed that he’s not affected by the criticisms that he received on social media and even posted a video on social media during his arrival.

In the video, it showed one of the relatives of Madredio even trying to mock the netizens by saying  “Wala si Sheerlyn e” several times.

Madredio even greeted the netizens by saying “hi” to them.

Netizens blamed Madredio for destroying the relationship between Lozada and Gerasta who made five children during their relationship.

The people who watched the video seems provoked by the attitude of Madredio and his relatives, saying that they’re being insensitive.

“Yung ng vivideo parang nang iinis pa. . . isama niu na c sherlyn niu. . . hahah paulit ulit engineer ang yabang!!!” Netizen Raja Siyah said.

“Panigurado maghihiwalay din yan sila ni sheerlyn kc parang maangas tong c edwin, parang bata pati mga kasama,” netizen Jenna Buenaventura said.

Madredio and Gerasta almost violated a strict rule in Saudi Arabia, making the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration urged them to leave the oil-rich country temporarily.


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