Trike driver who cheated by his OFW wife receives 100,000 pesos and new tricycle to have a better life


The episode of ‘Raffy Tulfo in Action’ featuring Charlie Lozada and his wife Sheerlyn Gerasta became a blockbuster hit and watched by millions of netizens worldwide.

But the story didn’t have a happy ending for Charlie as his wife Sheerlyn just decided to separate with and became friends for the sake of their five children.

Sheerlyn received thousands of criticisms on social media after she cheated to her husband by having a relationship with a married Engineer while working as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia

While Sheerlyn has been hated on social media, Charlie received praise for being a father to his children and showing his strength despite the challenges came to his life.

A good Samaritan working in the United States of America who heard about the story of Charlie donated a brand new tricycle for the trike driver so he doesn’t need to pay for boundaries anymore.

Meanwhile, the host of the said famous radio program, Raffy Tulfo gave P100,000 cash to Charlie to help him to have a sustainable life.

To keep the money safe, Tulfo gave advice to Charlie to deposit the money into a bank. The radio host also ordered his staff to assist Charlie in handling the money.

Tulfo told his staff to also bring Charlie and his children to a mall to buy clothes and to eat.

Because of the kindness shown by Tulfo to him, Charlie couldn’t stop himself in crying because of happiness.

In his final message to Sheerlyn, who’s already in General Santos City, he said that he already accepted the fate of their relationship, however, he asked her ex-wife to bring back his children.

Several weeks ago, Sheerlyn has been brought back to the Philippines after she admitted that she’s having a relationship with another man, an act considered as a sin in Saudi Arabia.

The couple also went into counseling and they agreed to let Sheerlyn have the custody of the five children.

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