WATCH: “Nagkita na rin!” Married OFW who’s having a relationship with another man in Saudi meets her husband and 5 children


Several days after the radio program ‘Raffy Tulfo in Action’ featured the complaint of Charlie Lozada against his wife Sheelyn Gerasta, the two finally met each other after by the help of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA).

During the first appearance of Charlie Lozada, he complained that his wife who’s an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Saudi Arabia is having a relationship with another man, Engr. Edwin Madredio, also working at the same country.

The episode became emotional after Lozada revealed that Gerasta decided to left him and their 5 children just to have a relationship with another man.

Because of this, OWWA Deputy Administrator Arnell Ignacio decided to hunt Gerasta and her current boyfriend in Saudi Arabia.

Several days after the said episode, OWWA quickly found Gerasta and brought her back to the Philippines to have a face-to-face with Lozada and her five children.

In the third episode video posted by ‘Raffy Tulfo In Action,’ it showed Gerasta talking to the radio host together with Ignacio who even personally to the airport several days ago to meet the OFW.

Gerasta claimed that she didn’t want to have a relationship with her husband anymore after she discovered that the latter is using illegal dr*gs.

To prove that she’s not letting her children to live in a bad condition, Gerasta showed the copy of remittance slip that she’s sending every month to her family.

According to her, she’s sending 19,000 pesos every month to provide the needs of her children.

The things went emotional as the five children of Gerasta hugged the OFW who’s working there for years then suddenly decided to have a forbidden relationship with another man.

Another revelation was revealed when Lozada admitted that he’s a pusher in the past, but he already stopped when their first child was born.

Lozada also said that he already served the punishment for the bad acts that he made.

“Dati sir, inaamin ko naman na dati akong nagtutulak,” Lozada said.

“Napagbayaran ko na yun, nagbago na ako sir,” he added.

However, Gerasta was still not keen to fix her broken relationship with her husband saying that Lozada was becoming too obsessed with her.

To try to fix their relationship, Mabel Carisusa, a social worker of OWWA scheduled counseling between Gerasta and Lozada.

However, it seems that the relationship between the two cannot be fixed now after Gerasta decided to just take her children.

Tulfo also decided to give a brand new tricycle for Lozada that he can use for earning money.

Ignacio also revealed that they quickly went to Saudi to bring back Gerasta to the Philippines before the Saudi Authorities find out the committed acts of the OFW.

He also reminded the other OFWs to be careful of what they’re doing in Saudi.

“Mahigpit ang batas sa Saudi pagdating sa pakikiapid sa hindi mo asawa, aresto yan.” he said.

Before Gerasta came back home, netizen Anna Liza Ambrosio showed some photos showing Ignacio accommodating Lozada and his five children.

It even showed that Ignacio became emotional at some point while Lozada is narrating his problems with his wife.

In a post, Ignacio said that the third episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action on the problem of Lozada would be full of new revelation.

“Nagkaharap na si sheerlyn..iallabas bukas .kay Raffy tulfo..marami pang aabangan na rebelasyon..” Ignacio said.

UPDATE: You can watch the full video below:

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