Filipino Canadian Army instructor offers a match between him and Joaquin Montes’ father with 100,000 pesos prize


A Filipino who’ a Canadian Army veteran and now having a vacation in the Philippines wanted to meet the father of the viral Ateneo high school student Joaquin Montes for a man-to-man match.

Joseph Perez Otazu, a combat soldier who got deployed in Afghanistan, expressed his disappointment over the attitude of Montes towards his classmates in Ateneo.

He said that he’s a father also and also can relate to the feelings of the parents of their children who got victimized by Montes.

Otazu believes that Joaquin’s parents are the one who must be blamed for letting their child have bad behavior.

“I don’t really blame the kid for that for that kind of behavior, I blame the parents for that,” Otazu said.

“It’s up to you as a parent to control your kids, teach your kids respect and alam mo naman yan kung if your kid is exhibiting that kind of behavior, it’s up to you to correct your kid,” he added.


Otazu shared that he can’t even sleep after watching the viral video because he feels bad for the victims of Montes.

Because of his disappointment, Otazu challenged the father of Joaquin Montes into a man-to-man match.

“Mr. Montes if you are watching the video, I hope you do, I really hope you do, this is my offer to you. Obviously hindi mo tinuturuan properly ang mga kids mo, so this is what I’m gonna do to you, I’m challenging you into a fight, tayong dalawa, kung gusto mo sa harap pa ng kids mo,” he said.

“Name me the time, the place, I’ll be there,” he added.

He also said that he’s ready to give 100,000 pesos if he loses against the father Montes, however, if he wins, Mr. Montes must apologize publicly for what their son did to other students of Ateneo.

He even gave his personal number on the video.

According to him, he’s confident that the Filipinos supported his offer to Mr. Montes.

“I have to put stop on this,” he said.

He also offered to the victim of Joaquin in the viral video a free self-defense lesson.

“Kung nakikinig ka at nanonood ka, this is my offer to you.. I am going to teach you self-defense techniques for free, because we have to put stop on this, not only to you, you and your friends, ako pa ang pupunta sayo,” Otazu told the victim of Montes.

Joaquin Montes, a Taekwondo champion has gone viral on the internet after his video while challenging a student into a fight has been circulated on social media.


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