WATCH: Amid the viral ‘Happy Birthday Kagawad’ video, Cesar Montano greets another man again for his birthday


Amid the controversial ‘Happy Birthday Kagawad’ video former COO of the Tourism Promotions Board and actor Cesar Montano appeared again on social media to greet another friend again, but now in the correct way.

Cesar Montano who started an unusual trend on social media because of his video while greeting a public official several days ago went viral.

In the video, it shows Montano greeting Kagawad Chris Morales of Sta. Ana, then suddenly an unidentified naked lady appeared on the background.

Several netizens made a parody and made their own version of ‘Happy Birthday Kagawad’.

On November 2, Cesar Montano proved that he’s not affected by the controversy and even made another Birthday greeting addressed to journalist Arnold Clavio.

In the video, Montano addressed Clavio as ‘Konsehal Igan’ and it seems that the actor stopping himself from laughing while recording the birthday greeting.

The message of Montano is also very similar to his birthday greeting to Kagawad Morales.

In the end, the actor even joked, apologizing to Clavio because there’s nothing can be shown on the background unlike what happened to his viral video.

“Sorry Walang background ha,” Montano said.

Clavio said that this is the best birthday greeting that he received.

Meanwhile, until today Montano is being talked not only in the Philippines but around the world because of the trend that he started.

Several international news websites also covered Montano’s viral video.

Montano refused to comment on his viral video and the identity of the girl in the background remains a mystery.

You can watch the whole video here:


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This is it!!! Best bday greeting. Wait until the end! Thank you @cesar_montano 😊👍

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