Lea Salonga has a brilliant thoughts on inflation: “. Dapat nating tingnan, kung ito ba ay nangyari na rin dati sa nakaraang administrasyon, at kung nagalit din ba tayo noon.”


Artist Lea Salonga shared her thoughts on the current problems being faced by the Duterte administration today, including the increasing prices of basic goods because of the inflation.

The press has interviewed Salonga, who’s known for giving unbiased political opinions during an event at the Peninsula Manila.

Reporters asked Salonga about politics, especially about inflation, they also wanted to know if the renowned international Filipino artist was affected by the current prices of goods.

Youtube Screenshot: MJ Malfori

According to her, like other Filipinos, she also doesn’t want to see her utility bills and grocery spending to increase.

However, she’s wondering why only now the Filipinos are so being angry in the increasing prices of goods.

Salonga believes that Filipinos who were angry about the increasing prices should look first if the inflation only happened in this administration or it already happened in the past.

She also said that people should also ask themselves that if the inflation happened during the past administrations, why they didn’t express their anger before.

“We are affected to the point where there are certain goods and services that we buy that are affected, I mean that I don’t like to see my electric bill go up, I don’t like it when the price of vegetables, I mean we buy locally grown produce and when you see price has changed, is it like ‘why?'” said Salonga.

“And then you wonder, you gotta wonder.. it is if we’re angry about this, we have to see if it’s happened in previous administrations before and if we got angry then too… And if it happened before and didn’t get angry then we might examine why that is,” she added.

Salonga’s statement has been captured by reporter MJ Marfori about inflation received praises on social media.

Dandreb Zagado shared her thoughts on the opinion of Salonga:

“I like what Lea Salonga just said regarding inflation and other problems the country is facing right now:

It is right to complain about things in our country and to ask for solutions but we need to ask ourselves, were we complaining also about these things prior to this administration or not? Were things happening also even before and were we affected by it? Because if not, then we better ask ourselves why. That’s the question we need to answer.

And that’s my friend how you fiscalize things. You deal with cases regardless of personalities.”

A Youtuber Mark Macanas praised Salonga for her fair opinion on the current situation of the Philippines.

“Lea Salonga has class. She said she likes some things that are happening in the administration. She was fair in her assessment. A truly intelligent woman.” 

Another Youtuber, ElmerjunChannel also expressed her amazement with Salonga’s statement:

“Leah knows where she stands all the time.. and she answered politics question in a DIPLOMATIC WAY!! “:) Shes the best,”

You can watch the video below:

Source: MJ Marfori

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