Girl who did ‘Kiki challenge’ along EDSA to be summon by MMDA and NBI


The “Kiki” challenge became viral on the internet several months ago and some netizens are still doing it despite the warnings of the authorities about the possible danger of performing this trending dance.

Some people are ready to risk their lives or endanger other commuters, just to become viral on the internet, but of course, the authorities would not let these netizens to do what they want.

Yesterday, one netizen pushed her limit and performed the ‘Kiki’ along EDSA, the busiest and dangerous highway in the Philippines.

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) identified the violator as Micha Anne Gabuten.

MMDA already asked the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to trace the location of Gabuten because of her risky act along EDSA.

In the video, it showed Gabuten danced Kiki along EDSA while other vehicles are still running, it seems that the violator didn’t mind the danger of dancing in the middle of the said busy highway.

“Siya nga po ‘yun si Micha Anne Gabuten. [We’re] coordinating with the NBI para sa address para alam namin [kung] saan ipapadala ang summon. Still working pa po. Kasi hindi mahanap sa CCTV, kasi we have to review the CCTV whole day kasi walang time and date na nakalagay,” MMDA Spokesperson Celine Pialago told reporters.

Gabuten would face P500 fine for reckless driving and another 500 for Jaywalking.

Meanwhile, netizens criticized Gabuten and called her ‘famewhore’ for risking her safety just to gain likes and shares on social media.

Another netizen also claimed that this is not the first time that Gabuten performed the risky act.

In his post, Roan Ruanto said that she encountered the group of Gabuten along G. Araneta doing the same dance.

As of writing, Gabuten is still not yet appearing in public since her video has gone viral.

You can watch the whole video below:

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