Criminology student who uses heavy firearm to threaten his neighbor during Tondo fire blacklisted from entering PNP


Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General chief Oscar Albayalde said that the criminology student who used a heavy firearm to threaten his neighbor during the fire in Tondo, Manila has been banned from entering the organization.

The suspect, identified as John Sunga has been seen during the fire in Tondo wearing a bulletproof vest and armed with a high-powered firearm, planning to attack his neighbor whom he accused of stealing his water container.

According to Albayalde, it’s better to ban Sunga from entering PNP because of his attitude that might cause more problems in the organization.

“He should not be allowed entry to our ranks. Otherwise, he will become our problem, additional problem on our rank and file,” said Albayalde.

The leader of PNP also added that the case of Sunga is an example of why the organization should conduct a deep background check for their applicants.

“The conduct of background check should really be intense and deep,” said Albayalde.

Sunga is a child of a retired police officer and the firearm was apparently owned by his father.

According to the Barangay Police, they tried to calm Sunga but he insisted to raid the house of his neighbor after he saw a plastic water drum, he started pointing his gun to the 18-year old victim.

This prompted the authorities to forcefully arrest Sunga, they recovered the firearm used by Sunga and one police officer even said that the weapon of the suspect was better than what the cops are currently owned.

Meanwhile, Sunga denied the accusations against him, saying that the victim was only acting.

He’s now facing charges for illegal possession of firearms.

Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) Chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa is one of the top cops who is pushing to let the PNP handle the training of future cops.

He believes that one of the reasons why many new cops are not disciplined is because they’re not trained by PNP.

‘Iyung ating recruitment program, as it appears, nakita natin, mga PO1 [Police Officer 1], PO2 (ang naiinvolve sa mga kaso). There must be something wrong with the recruitment program. If not recruitment, yung basic training. Bakit ang babata pa sila ang karaniwang involved,” he said in 2016.

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