‘Weed boys’ apologize to President Rodrigo Duterte: “We are not against war against illegal drugs”


After cursing President Rodrigo Duterte and urged him to legalize Marijuana in the Philippines, the people behind the video who are also known now as the ‘Weed Boys’ apologized to the chief executive for their past statements.

According to them, the video was only intended for them and they didn’t mean to upload it publicly on social media.

They said that one of the members of their group has been hacked that resulted in the leakage of the video.

One of the suspects said that they’re only made the video for fun.

“Sana po hindi po umabot sa ganoon, hindi naman po kami against sa kanya (Duterte)”

The suspects also said that their parents were shocked after seeing the video because they didn’t think that their children are using illegal drugs.

In the video which originally posted in 2016 and only became viral this month, the group showed on social media how they’re using illegal drugs while they’re mocking President Rodrigo Duterte.

“Yan ang pinagkakaadikan namin ngayon. So what?” One of the suspects said in the video, referring to Marijuana.

“Duterte i-legal mo na (ang Marijuana). P***** *** mo!”

They also explained that the illegal drugs that they’re using are not urging them to do bad things, unlike shabu.

“Duterte kaya sabi sa ‘yo, i-legal mo na.. i-legal mo na ang weed. Please lang, please lang. Hindi naman kami gumagawa ng masama. Sumasaya lang kami.”

Another one said that Duterte cannot stop them from using illegal drugs and even dedicated a dirty finger for the chief executive in the video.

After the video went viral, Valenzuela police quickly traced the location of the suspects and arrested.

Special Assistant to the President Christopher ‘Bong’ Go also said that he would ensure that the chief executive would watch the video.

“Yung mga bata yan, minura nyo pa ang ating Pangulo. Huwag kayong mag-alala,ipaparating ko sa ating Pangulo at irerekomenda ko sa kanya. Ngunit sigurado ako ipapakain sa inyo yong marijuana. Hindi nyo pwedeng hithitan yan, kainin nyo yan. Kung gusto nyong hithitin, dun nyo hithitin sa impyerno.” Bong Go said in a statement.

The suspects are now facing charges for violation of RA 9165 also known as “Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002”.

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