Bong Go to the weed smokers who cursed Duterte in a viral video: “Ipapakain ni Pangulo sa inyo yung Marijuana”


Several days, a group of boys smoking illegal drugs in a viral video and even cursed President Rodrigo Duterte has gone viral on the internet.

During the live video, the suspects seen to be using illegal drugs while cursing Duterte, they also dared the President to legalize the use of Marijuana in the Philippines.

It seems that the suspects are downplaying the serious fight of the government against illegal drugs that made them be easily tracked by the authorities.

“Ito yung pinagkaka-adikan namin kaya i-legal mo na!” one said on video, addressing Duterte.

Yesterday, Valenzuela Police announced that they already arrested some of the people showed in the video, they’re identified as:

  • Royette John Pagunsan y Codilla @ Royette, male, single, factory worker, 22 year old, DOB November 18, 1995 POB Valenzuela, residing at San Guillermo, Karuhatan, Valenzuela City.(User, listed on watchlist)
  •  Merson Jimenez y Damalerio @ Samboy, male, jobless, 18 year old, DOB May 17, 1999 POB Paranaque, residing at Bernardino, Victoria, Gen. T De Leon Valenzuela City. (User, not listed on Watchlist)
  • Abraham Adriano y Fernandez @ Abra, male, glass installer, 31 year old, DOB February 10, 1986 POB Masbate, residing at Bisaiao Bagbaguin, Valenzuela City. (User, not listed on Watchlist)

They recovered alleged marijuana and drug paraphernalia from the suspects.

The video also reached Special Assistant to the President Christopher ‘Bong’ Go and he said that he’s going to recommend to the Chief Executive to visit the suspect and force them to eat the Marijuana that they’re using as a punishment for disrespecting Duterte.

“Yung mga bata yan, minura nyo pa ang ating Pangulo. Huwag kayong mag-alala,ipaparating ko sa ating Pangulo at irerekomenda ko sa kanya. Ngunit sigurado ako ipapakain sa inyo yong marijuana. Hindi nyo pwedeng hithitan yan, kainin nyo yan. Kung gusto nyong hithitin, dun nyo hithitin sa impyerno.” Bong Go said in a statement.

The Palace also warned the people not to smoke Marijuana and condemned the actions did by the suspects.

“They’re never allowed to do that [smoking marijuana]. If we could find out where they are, then they will be put in proper custody of individuals who will provide them necessary services,” Roque said at a news conference.

According to the authorities, the video was originally posted as early of 2016.

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