‘Ang bilis ng kamay!’ Beautiful cellphone snatcher has gone viral on the internet


No one was expecting that a beautiful lady could commit a crime like a cellphone snatching.

On Monday, August 21, netizen Well Curie published a CCTV footage showing a beautiful lady successfully snatched a cellphone.

Photo: Well Curie

In the footage, it showed that the suspect who’s wearing stripes t-shirt grabbed something from the bag of her victim while the latter was paying to the cashier in a bookstore.

She quickly fled the area carrying the mobile phone of the victim.

The suspect was quickly identified as Jessa Mae Felias, a resident of Paranaque City.

Photo: Well Curie

Curie urged Felias to bring back the cell phone that she snatched from her victim.

Unlike other snatchers, the suspect grabbed the attention of the netizens because of her beautiful face and as of writing, the video already reached millions of views on social media.

Meanwhile, Felias quickly denied the accusations against her, insisting that she’s not the person captured on the CCTV footage.

“Di ako to! Like wtf anlayo ng mukha nami, ilong palang.” Felias said in her Facebook post.

Some netizens are not buying her explanation, pointing out that they found a photo of her wearing a striped t-shirt, the same shirt that the suspect was wearing in the CCTV footage.

But some friends of Felias quickly defended her, insisting that the person in the CCTV is a different girl.


You can watch the whole video below:

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