MMDA to push physical assault case against ‘Miss 5 minutes’ despite public apology


Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) would push the cases against the Department of Justice (DOJ) Prosecutor who engaged in a heated argument with traffic enforcers yesterday.

This was confirmed by MMDA Commander TF Special Operations Edison Bong Nebrija in a radio interview, saying that the prosecutor would still face complaints despite the public apology that she issued Wednesday.

During the radio interview, the couple who shouted, belittled and almost injured the traffic enforcers yesterday because of a simple traffic violation approached him today to apologize.

“Personal silang humingi ng apology sa akin,” Nebrija told DZBB.

However, the public apology is not enough for the MMDA to spare the prosecutor from facing charges.

“Tuloy ang kaso, direct assault,” he said.

Nebrija and Prosecutor Christine Estepa clashed yesterday after the latter refused to surrender her driver’s license to the authorities and even attempted to escape the traffic enforcers several times.

In most part of the video, Estepa insisted that the enforcers should show any evidence that her vehicle was already idled for ‘five minutes’, which made the netizens to call her ‘5 minutes girl’.

Estepa’s vehicle also damaged one MMDA service vehicle and put the lives of the traffic enforcers in danger because of her attempt to escape.

The incident was captured by blogger Gadget Addict and quickly went viral on the internet. Estepa even engaged with her critics on her Facebook page.

According to MMDA, Estepa would face lawsuits for physical assault and she could also face disbarment.

DOJ Secretary Menardo Guevarra also said that he was already aware by the controversy faced by one of their prosecutors and he said that he would give her a chance to explain her side.

Land Transportation Office also studies the possibilities to revoke or suspend the license of the infamous prosecutor.

Hours after the press conference of MMDA, the couple went to their office to issue a public apology.

“We would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the MMDA enforcers especially to Bong Nebrija.” Prosecutor Estepa said in her statement.

As of writing, the video of the incident already reached 12,000,000 views and it can be considered as one of the highest viewed apprehension in the Philippines.

You can watch the whole video below:

Source: DZBB

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