Infamous prosecutor who argues with MMDA issues public apology: We only become emotional


Prosecutor Christine Estepa and her husband went to Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to personally issue a public apology, one day after their infamous video featuring them arguing with some traffic enforcers has gone viral on the internet.

“We would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the MMDA enforcers especially to Bong Nebrija.” Prosecutor Estepa said in her statement.

Her husband also thanked MMDA for giving them the opportunity to apologize for what they had done yesterday.

The couple issued an apology after the MMDA announced that they’re going to file a complaint against the prosecutor.

Estepa could face cases for direct assault against MMDA enforcers, disbarment and imprisonment.

Department of Justice also said that they’re going to take some action against their employee.

As of writing, MMDA is not yet announcing if they’re going to pursue the case against Estepa despite the public apology that she issued.

Meanwhile, netizens praised MMDA especially Nebrija for not letting the couple escape from the enforcers.

Yesterday, Estepa and Nebrija engaged in a heated argument after the prosecutor resisted to the authorities, insisting that the enforcers should show that she violated the ‘5-minute rule’.

Several hours after blogger Gadget Addict uploaded the video of the incident, Estepa even engaged with some netizens who found her Facebook page.

One service vehicle of MMDA was also damaged as the prosecutor tried to escape the authorities.

MMDA said in a press conference that the case of Estepa should set an example for everyone, not to argue with authorities just because of a small violation.

“Sana maging aral na po ito sa atin, simple traffic violation lang po wag na po tayong makipag away, bigay niyo lang po yung lisensya niyo bibigyan kayo ng ticket tapos na,” MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia said.

You can watch the video below:

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