Pregnant traffic law violator becomes infamous for arguing, resisting MMDA enforcers


A pregnant traffic violator became infamous on social media after she tried to resist and argue with Metropolitan Manila Development Authority  (MMDA) officials who apprehended her for illegally parking her vehicle.

Gadget Addict, a blogger who’s covering operations of MMDA, posted a video featuring the woman violator arguing with the enforcers and demanding them to give sufficient evidence that she indeed committed a traffic violation.

MMDA Special Operations Commander Edison Bong Nebrija even approached the violator, but the situation didn’t resolve as the two argued about traffic law.

Nebrija asked the violator to surrender her driver’s license to the enforcers, however, the woman demanded a video that would show that she already parked along the street for five minutes.

According to the traffic law, a vehicle would be considered illegally parked if it’s idled for five minutes.

Throughout the video, the violator insisted that the enforcers should prove that she committed illegal parking and because of the heated argument, the enforcers promoted to call a tow truck.

Then, later on, the husband of the woman tried to twist the situation by saying that enforcers are harassing the violator.

Now, he revealed that the violator was pregnant and needs to be delivered to the E.R because she’s bleeding.

He even threatened the enforcers that if something bad happened to the violator, he would file a case against them.

One motorcycle owned by one enforcer was also rammed by the vehicle being operated by the violator.

When the enforcer asked the husband of the violator to go with him to file a police report, the latter still refused and insisted that his wife should be delivered to the hospital immediately.

“Sir sumama naman po kayo kasi wala po akong pambayad (sa motor) sir,” the enforcer said.

The husband of the violator only responded: “Uunahin ko pa ba yang motor mo?”

Millions of netizens already watched the video and thousands of them reacted, saying that if the woman only surrendered her license earlier, the clash could be avoided.

You can watch the video below:

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