Youtube personality Philip De Franco slams Sondos Al Qattan for her views against OFWs: You’re Disgusting!


It seems that Kuwaiti social media star Sondos Al Qattan already captured the attention of the world by her controversial remarks versus Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

Even internet talk show host and famous Youtube personality Philip De Franco already made his opinion on the statements of Al Qattan that opposing the new laws of Kuwait to protect the OFWs.

De Franco, who got 6.2M Youtube subscriber talked about Al Qattan on his video on July 24, describing the Kuwaiti social media influencer as ‘disgusting’ for insisting her views on the internet instead of apologizing.

“I believe that Sandos Al Qattan is a disgusting person detached from humanity,” De Franco said in his vlog.

The Youtube personality believes that Al Qattan’s recent statement showed that the Kuwaiti makeup artist looks at her ‘servants’ as slaves because she was really opposing the once a week day off of her employees.

“When you talk with someone running away, if they are not a small child, that sounds like slavery, it sounds like you think you own that person and your property is getting away,” he said.

He also rebutted the statements of Al Qattan who claims that people should meet her first before judging her personality.

“When you open your mouth and let those disgusting words fly out of it, you are opening a window into who you are in the inside,” De Franco said.

De Franco is hoping that Al Qattan will soon realize that her views are absolutely wrong.

“Congratulations, you’re horrible, that’s my opinion,” De Franco told Al Qattan.

Despite being dropped by her sponsors, Sondos Al Qattan insisted that her opinions are correct.

She also said that the criticisms against her are also an attack on Islam and Kuwait.

Al Qattan also threatened to ask her 3.2M followers on Instagram to boycott the brans who cut their ties to her.

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