Serbian lost her job in Qatar for her ‘racist’ remarks against Filipino workers



A woman who’s working in Qatar expressed her anger towards Filipinos, saying that they are stealing her belongings.

The angry Serbian who’s using a social media name ‘Macanta Ignjatovic’ made the messages against Filipino on a series of Facebook story videos. She also threatened the Filipinos in general.

“I’m coming for you and you will get punished,” the angry Qatari said in her expletive-laden rant.

According to the video, the Ignjatovic was angry after she lost her ”abaya’ and she suspected that some Filipinos stole it.

Abaya is a full-length, sleeveless outer garment worn by most Muslim and non-muslim women, especially in the Middle East.

Netizen Emalyn Celomen Lafuente reuploaded the video of the Ignjatovic and gained thousands of shares on social media.

Meanwhile, A Filipina OFW came to defend her countrymen against the rant of the Qatari.

Mhi Nha Mhahal, uploaded a video addressed to the Ignjatovic matching the foul words threw by the latter against the Filipinos.

She said that the Qatar nation would be ashamed by her attitude.

Several netizens also tried to search for the identity of the Serbian and they successfully traced where she’s formerly worked.

The company emailed one of the netizens who wanted to complain about the foul attitude showed by the Qatari citizen towards Filipinos.

However, the company clarified that they already fired Ignjatovic and they were already aware of the video.

“Please be informed that the employee is no longer part of our team. We took intermediate action when we received the video.” the company said.

This is the second foreign national went viral for on social media and received criticisms from the Filipino Community.

Kuwaiti celebrity Sondos Al Qattan who criticized the new policies of Kuwait for Filipino OFWs lost her sponsors for being unapologetic for what she said.

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