Emirati artist slams Kuwaiti social media star for opposing laws protecting OFWs: We’re humans, not robots!


An Emirati artist slammed Kuwaiti social media star and makeup artist Sondos Al Qattan after the latter publicly condemned the new policies of Kuwait to protect Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)

Khalid Al Ameri in his Facebook video, expressed his disappointment to Al Qattan for opposing the decision of the Kuwaiti government to give day offs to their foreign workers, saying that her ideology is very “ridiculous”.

He answered the points of Al Qattan who said that she doesn’t want to hire Filipino workers anymore because of the day-off policy of Kuwait for them.

“I’ll start with a question, how would you feel if you work for someone that didn’t only not give you the day off, but disagree with the very ideology that you deserve a day off,” Al Ameri said.


Al Ameri said that people who work in military or security companies had a day provided for them to take a rest from their jobs.

“I mean we are not robots, at the end of the day we are all humans and expect to have time to rest and time for ourselves,” he said.

The Emirati artist also criticized Al Qattan for even opposing the rights of their employees to have their passports.

Al Ameri said that if he’s the one who works for Al Qattan, he would indeed run away because of her beliefs that OFWs are their slaves.

“After listening to your rant, If I work for you… I would run so far away the CIA won’t able to find me I will dig a hole so deep that you wouldn’t able to smell my scent, you wouldn’t hear me breathe… I’ll disappear, I would cease to exist,” he said.

“I will never show my face in this world again, out of fear that you might find me, and you might ask me to for you again,” he added.

Al Qattan has been told by Al Ameri that there’s a big reason why her workers are running away from her.

Al America said that he hates criticizing people, but he’s ready to express his disgust to anyone who opposed human rights.

“I believe we’re all human beings on this planet that all want the same things in life, to be happy, to grow old with the people we love, to take care of our families,” he said.

At the end of his video, Al Qattan thanked all the domestic helpers for helping them.

Al Ameri contrary to Al Qattan, receives so much positive reaction from the netizens, especially from the Filipino community.

Some of his foreign friends also agree with his thoughts.

“Thank you for posting this. Her video disgusted me and I had the same thoughts as you. I’m glad you made your voice heard on this topic.” Sara Noyes said, referring to the video of Al Qattan.

“He is one of the UAE’s biggest treasures.” Candi Jackson remarked.

“Thank u so much mr.khalid.. As our beloved president says that..”we as overseas Filipino worker sent not slave by anyone but as a human being.so we deserve to treat properly as a human being,” Sarah Austria Libres told Al Ameri.

“Exactly that! Why would someone want to run away if you treated them properly,” Asma Ismail Bhamjee said.

Yesterday, the Kuwaiti social media star receives a tremendous amount of criticisms from the netizens after her controversial remarks against OFWs.

“How can you have a ‘servant’ in your house who gets to keep their passport with them? If they ran away and went back to their country, who will refund me?” Al Qattan said in the video.

Several months ago, President Rodrigo Duterte imposed a deployment ban to Kuwait after the reports of abuse being experienced by the Filipino workers in the said country.

The ban only removed after Kuwait vowed to create new policies to protect the rights of the OFWs.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/khalidalameri/videos/625610171151699/

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