Duterte urges Pacquiao to retire from boxing: “He has too much money, I want him to enjoy life,”


President Rodrigo Duterte said that he wanted Senator Manny Pacquiao to retire from his boxing career to enjoy his life.

“He’s already 39, not because he cannot win or lose, but I like to see my friend rest on his laurels at this time and enjoy life,” Duterte said.

“He (Pacquiao) has so much money already, no problem,” the President quipped.

Duterte also shared that it’s his first time to travel outside to country just to watch a Pacquiao match.

“I have no regrets that I came earlier to watch the fight. It’s a good one, it’s the first time that I have traveled outside the Philippines just to see him fight,” he told reporters.

Senator Panfilo Lacson who’s a colleague and fan of the new WBA Welterweight Champion also believes that the latter should already retire from boxing.

Lacson in his Tweet, it seems that the Senator already saw that Pacquiao’s recent win is the best time to retire from his profession as a boxer.

“To my colleague, seatmate, and friend, I’ll say it again – It is best to leave the stage while the audience is applauding.” Lacson tweeted.

Pacquiao who’s already 39-years old indicates that there’s a possibility that Lucas Matthysse would not be his final opponent.

Philippine Star sports writer Dino Maragay also believes that Pacquiao’s victory against Matthysseis the “perfect moment” for the Senator to retire.

However, he doubts that Pacquiao would finally put down his boxing gloves.

“This would be the perfect moment for Pacquiao to retire. With a bang. With his head held high. But with this emphatic win, he’ll do the exact opposite and fight on. And that’s the sad thing.”

But some boxing fans believe that Pacquiao should still fight and give inspiration.

“Don’t retire yet Manny. You have a lot left to give the sport!” Boxing Kingdom tweeted.

Pacquiao won against Matthysse via TKO during the 7th round of the match.

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