Netizens debate on Regine Velasquez response on Duterte’s criticisms against God


On July 7, Asia’s Songbird, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid finally spoke up against President Rodrigo Duterte’s tirades against God and the Bible.

In her series Twitter post, Velasquez-Alcasid addressed President Rodrigo Duterte, saying that she already know that the latter doesn’t believe in God.

According to her, she was saddened by the recent statements of the President that prompted her to speak.

Velasquez said that despite President Duterte’s beliefs, she pointed out that many people still believe in God.

She also urged Duterte to stop criticizing God, because he believes that the Lord is not involving himself in politics.

In the end of her Tweet, however, Velasquez said that she would pray to God that he would led Duterte in managing the country.

As a famous public figure, the tweet of Velasquez gathered attention from the netizen and sparked a debate between the supporters of President Duterte and his critics.

But the most notable debate happened between Mr. Rolando P. Nagtalon Jr @landsnagtalon and Moses Gonzales @MosesGLive

The debate started when Mr. Nagtalon criticized the Duterte supporters who were religious but suddenly joined the President in slamming God because of their loyalty to the latter.

“Funny how people, who we’ve seen and witnessed to be religious, have suddenly gone astray from their beliefs just because they believe more in our President (capitalised out of respect) than the existence of GOD who they have put their faith in all their lives. Yoko na sa earth!” Rolando Nagtalon tweeted.

Mr. Gonzales, quickly responded to the tweet of Mr. Nagtalon, saying that he believes that despite President Duterte’s statements, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t believe in God anymore.

He also clarified that even he’s a supporter of President Duterte, it also doesn’t mean that they’re also supporting his statements against God.

Gonzales believes that Duterte is only speaking against the “fake God”.

“If I believe in the President, it does not necessarily mean that I do not believe in God. You can believe both in God and the President because the President himself believes in God, not in the fake god.” Gonzales told Nagtalon.

They also debate on the possibilities that President Duterte committed blasphemy.

Some netizens also urged Alcasid to carefully watch again the statements of Duterte, because they believe that the media twisted the words of the President to made him look bad.

“No, Miss Reg, naniniwala po sya na may Diyos, mali lang po kasi ung intindin ng iba sa sinabi nia, nag-focus sila dun sa “stupid” god na sinabi nia po, if panunuorin nio ng buo ung video as in sa umpisa, malalaman nio na he believes in God, at mabuti ang Diyos na kilala po nia.” @aizzie0331 tweeted.

A netizen also told Velasquez to move on to the issue, because he believes that it’s not important if the President believes in God or not.

“Pwede magmove on na tayo mrs. Alcasid? Bat ngayon ka lang nagsalita? He has the RIGHT na magsalita. Whether he might be an atheist or not wala na tayo don. Ang big deal kung pano niya takbuhin ang bansa. Paki ba naman kung sinong God mayron xa… Is this u?’ @chonadexplorer tweeted.

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