WATCH: Prominent foreign media company reveals the shocking sins of the Philippine Catholic Church


International Media Network, Al Jazeera is only one of the few news companies that bravely investigated the biggest and most influential religion in the Philippines, the Catholic Church.

East 101 of Al Jazeera, showed some of the shocking secrets of the Catholic Church that you cannot watch locally because of being untouchable even in some big local news outlets.

In their 26-minute documentary titled “Sexual misconduct in the Philippines’ Catholic Church: Sins of the Father.” It was discovered that numerous priests already conducted serious crimes like pedophilia and homosexuality, however, they were not been brought to justice.

Retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz despite being a Catholic Priest, didn’t hesitate to help Al Jazeera in their documentary by giving some information about the sins of the Church.

“Yes, yes, yes… [there are] more reports on pedophilia and homosexuality,” Cruz said, referring to the priests who allegedly committed a crime, but didn’t got prosecute.

“It is a heinous crime, you know. And a priest at that? Violating a minor? Come on!” he added.

Al Jazeera also interviewed some of the alleged victims of some Catholic priest.

One of the victims, “Imelda” who claimed that when she was just 15 years old, she was sexually abused by a priest. She also shared that as she filed a police report, two people from their Church tried to bribe her with around P7,500 in exchange of dropping the case and to remain her silence.

“At first, I didn’t really want to accept the money because I already knew it was from a priest, but they were so insistent that I take the money,” she said.

Attorney Jaime Achacoso, a lawyer who handled some of the cases of abuse allegedly committed by some Catholic Priest said that despite some of the abuses became known to the public, some of the accused are still not yet removed from their post.

“Oh yes, they weren’t, unfortunately. And the inadequate investigations in the past have festered, so things have not been solved,” he told Al Jazeera.

“Priests continue to be there,” he added.

Last week, the Catholic Church received a series of criticisms from President Rodrigo Duterte which resulted in a heated religious debate on social media.

76 million Filipinos are Catholics since birth, however, despite this Duterte last week choose to fight back against its priests, so he mocked the said religion’s teachings especially the belief that every people inherited the sin of Adam and Eve.

Since the election period, some priests and Duterte are already exchanging tirades against each other.

Duterte also claimed that he was also allegedly molested by an American priest when he was attending a Jesuit school in Davao City.

Fortunately, the government already move to end the rift between President Duterte and the Catholic Church by calling a one-on-one dialog between the former Davao City Mayor and Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) President Romulo Valles.

You can watch the whole documentary below:

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