BBC’s Stephen Sackur during his interview with Lourdes Sereno: Duterte is a man who is extraordinarily effective


The interview between BBC HardTalk host Stephen Sackur and former Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno has become a big topic on social media as the netizen considered the foreign journalist as one of the most challenging interviewers in the present times.

After watching the 24-minute grilling, several Duterte supporters praised Sackur for impartial statements about Sereno and President Duterte and one of the lines that they didn’t forget is when the renowned journalist said that the current President of the Philippines might be the most popular leader in a democratic country.

“The most recent survey and opinion in the Philippines have Rodrigo Duterte with a satisfaction rating of +70, it truly extraordinary figures, he must be the most popular politician in all of the so-called democratic world,” Stephen Sackur said.

“As far as I can see, are you not aware, that the vast majority of the Filipinos seems to actually support his tough security crackdown on the drugs and criminals, they seem to his efforts to bring peace in Mindanao, they seem to support his economic policies delivered last year almost seven percent growth,” he said.

Sackur believes that because of the popularity gained by Duterte in public that no other world leader can be attained, the President of the Philippines might be effective in his governance despite his unorthodox style.

“This is a man (Duterte), whois – in political terms – extraordinarily effective,” Sackur said.

However, Sereno said that despite the popularity Duterte enjoyed, the people should still maintain the constitution and watch the actions of the President.

Sackur as a response pointed out that the Philippines’ relationship with other country is still there despite the criticisms received by Duterte from human rights groups.

He also asked Sereno if she wanted Duterte to become an outcast to the international community because of his style of governance.

In response, the former Chief Justice denied that she wanted the President to be isolated and she only wanted “more room for descending voices”.

Sereno also denied that she wants to run for President, saying that she even didn’t join elections in her campus.

You can watch the video below:

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