LOOK: Kid tries to eat the fried chicken displayed on tarpaulin advertisement


This cute kid who has been spotted in an establishment captured the attention of the Filipino Facebook users.

On the video posted by netizen Yna Devera, it showed a chubby kid looking closely at the tarpaulin advertisement made to promote a fried chicken of a famous Filipino fast food restaurant.

Then, later on, the kid surprisingly tried to grab the chicken displayed and ate it. The kid tried to get the chicken three times but failed.

It seems that this kid really loves the fried chicken and daydreamed for it.

Many netizens have been entertained by the video posted by Davera and tried to urge the fast food chain who owned the advertisement to give the cute kid some fried chicken.

As of writing, the video already reached 300,000 views from the netizens, mostly saying that the action of the kid was adorable.

The restaurant that serving the fried chicken is also not yet releasing a statement if they’re going to give some free food to the kid.

You can watch the video below:

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