LOOK: President Duterte shows his love to an OFW during his South Korea visit


President Rodrigo Duterte showed his love again to an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) during his meeting with the Filipino community in South Korea on June 3.

Duterte once again showed his “macho” image by kissing one of the audiences whom he invited at the stage.

‘Wag lalaki, may bayad ‘to halik. Handa ka bang makipaghalikan?” Duterte said while calling to a woman in the audience.

Before the kissing scene, President Rodrigo Duterte introduced the book “Altar of Secrets” to the two OFWs.

Then the two OFWs showed their gesture of respect to the President.

However, it seems that President Duterte is not satisfied with the gesture showed by the lady and he called her again.

“‘Wag kang mag-amen, amen diyan, halika dito… Ang beso-beso?” Duterte said.

He then pointed his finger to his lips, telling the lady if she wanted to kiss him.

In response, the OFW shivered in excitement because of the shocking offer of the President.  The crowd even shouted and cheered the two.

“Dalaga ka?” Duterte asked the lady.

“Hindi po, married po.” the lady answered then Duterte followed it with a question, “Nandito? Hindi naman kayo hiwalay?”

“Kaya mo bang sabihin sa kanya na biro lang? Sige lang Pagselosin mo” Duterte said.

The lady accepted the offer of the President and the crowd became more intense as the two are nearly pointed their lips at each other.

And poof, the President really kissed the OFW like what he did to the other girls during the campaign period.

In the end, the two embraced each other and explained that the kiss is only a sign of his love to his countrymen.

“‘Wag niyo ‘yung dibdibin. Do not… that’s nothing except that I want to be close to my countrymen,” Duterte said.

The recent act of President Rodrigo Duterte received mixed reactions from the netizens.

Some of them criticized the President for being immoral for kissing a married woman, while the others defended him and saying that the woman also liked to kiss Duterte.

The supporters of the President already expected that the critics of the administration would criticize Duterte for kissing another lady.

Duterte made an act amid the #BabaeAko campaign which urged the women to fight against the President.

Two years ago, President Rodrigo Duterte explained in an interview why she’s kissing several ladies despite being already having a partner, Honeylet Avacena.

“No, I do not pull women to my face and kiss them. Its women who come to me with pouty lips,” he said during his interview in a documentary made by Al Jazeera.

“It’s part of making the people happy,” he added.

You can watch the video posted by Joseph Morong of GMA News below:

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