LOOK: Inside the house given by Senator Pacquiao to an ice cream vendor that he met randomly


Senator Manny Pacquiao didn’t break his promise to the old ice cream vendor that he met randomly last week during his training session in General Santos, City.

The eight-division world champion went to his housing project in Barangay Calumpang to personally turn over the house and lot that he promised to Marcelino Entia Jr., 62, the ice cream vendor that Pacquiao met last week.

Mr. Entia didn’t expect that the house is already furnished with electric and water supply.

The house has already a television, kitchen set, electric fan and even bed.

It seems that Pacquiao prepared the house for the man whom he pitied after he saw him last week selling ice cream despite the hot weather.

Pacquiao decided to change the life of Manong Marcelino after he discovered that the ice cream vendor already suffered in stroke and his children are still not yet enrolled because of financial problems.

Aside from the house and lot, Pacquiao even gave a scholarship to Marcelino’s children, 30,000 pesos cash and a small business so the ice cream vendor could now retire from his work.

Several days ago, Pacquiao even invited mang Marcelino to his mansion and had a lunch with the people’s champ.

During the dinner, Manny Pacquiao’s mother, Dionisia reminded Marcelino and his family to preserve the blessings that they received.

The people’s champ also told the ice cream vendor to keep his faith to god.


This good deed of Pacquiao received a nationwide coverage because no one expects that the people’s champ would easily change the life of the man that he only met randomly.

Aside from Mang Marcelino, hundreds of families are already enjoying their new homes because of the housing project of Pacquiao which started several years ago and funded by his own money.

Before being a successful boxer and billionaire, Pacquiao suffered from poverty and went to Manila to search for an opportunity.

He even experienced how to become homeless and eat only once a day.

But now that he’s already rich, he never forgets to share his blessing with other people.

You can watch the video of the turnover ceremony which covered by Bombo Radyo General Santos below:

Last week, the video of the meeting between Pacquiao and Mang Marcelino which uploaded by Jen Manilay quickly went viral on social media.

According to her, she didn’t expect that the video would reach millions on Facebook and she only shared it on social media because she was amazed by the good deed of Pacquiao.

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