LOOK: Home of the ice cream vendor who received a house and lot from Sen. Manny Pacquiao


Senator Manny Pacquiao’s good deed to an ice cream vendor yesterday has gone viral because no one expected that the people’s champ is quickly going to give too much to the old man after their short conversation.

The ice cream vendor who randomly met by Pacquiao in his hometown in General Santos received a 30,000 pesos cash from the Senator and house and lot.

Aside from that, the Senator also awarded a scholarship to the three children of the ice cream vendor.

According to the report, Pacquiao pitied the old man after he saw him selling ice cream amid the hot weather despite suffering stroke several years ago.

Today, several media outlets visited the lucky ice cream vendor who’s very thankful to the boxer-turned-politician.

Photo: Bombo Radyo General Santos

Bombo Radyo General Santos, visited the ice cream vendor in his home to check his condition and his family.

In the photos posted by Bombo Radyo, it shows the old condition of the ice cream vendor’s house and the poor living condition of his family.

But because of a random meeting with Pacquiao, the ice cream vendor might enjoy his new home in Pacman village.

The ice cream vendor was teary-eyed during the moment when he realized that the Senator is serious in what he promised to him.

Two years ago, the Senator posted a photo of the housing program in Saranggani Province that he funded using his own money.

The said housing project would benefit thousands of families.

“I’m so happy giving these houses free to my constituents in Sarangani Province from my pocket more than a thousand families are the beneficiaries,” he said in his social media post.

If you missed the viral video, you can watch it below:

It seems that Senator Manny Pacquiao who came from a low-income family didn’t forget to share the blessing that he received to everyone.

Like the old ice cream vendor, Pacquiao also work hard to make a living by joining street fights before he became an amateur boxer.

Now, because of his successful boxing career, Pacquiao became a billionaire and decided to enter politics to help more people.

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