SPOTTED: Luxury car nasagi ng motorsiklo


Netizen Ariahs Jarilla spotted a rare Lamborghini sports car along Camp Crame so he followed and didn’t waste the opportunity to record it using his phone.

However, he didn’t know that he would also be going to capture an upcoming minor accident which the Lamborghini would be involved.

In the middle part of the video uploaded by Jarilla, it showed that a motorcycle who’s trying to enter the lane of the Lamborghini accidentally sideswiped the luxury car.

Fortunately, the motorcycle riders only sustained minor injuries.

Screengrab from the video uploaded by Ariahs Jarilla.

The owner of the luxury car also checked the situation of the motorcycle riders, but he also berated them for not being vigilant while driving.

The driver of the luxury car confronts the motorcycle riders.

After that, the uploader already fails to capture the next occurrence.

Meanwhile, several netizens were curious on how the Lambo owner and the motorcycle rider would settle the accident.

Some even speculated that the motorcycle riders intentionally crashed themselves to the luxury car, but who wants to shoulder the repairs for a luxury car?

“Kta nmn talaga Kong sino my mali, kasalanan ng naka motor,” Netizen Dennis Abienda said after he watched the video.

“Yung ang angas nya pa habang palapit sabay atras ng makitang mga maton ang sakay wahaha.” Roval Sunico said.

As of writing the video already gathered 500,000 views as of writing.

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